It all started shortly after the birth of my daughter Catalina. In one of those evenings when you do not know what to do, I picked up a printed fabric upholstery and a tiptoe and made my first skirt.

What I could not imagine was that this would be the first piece of a brand that would change the course of my professional life.

I had studied law and I knew little at that time about design, but after that skirt came others... the first gifts, the first orders and without having it planned I found myself making children´s clothes that not only people liked but also, I loved to do.

There are several things that have undoubtedly influenced this project completely: my mother, who taught me to make that first skirt and advised me without fear despite my temper and my anger; HELLO magazine that has always treated me with an infinite love and without which no one would have known Labubé; and my daughter Catalina, definitely my inspiration. I do not pretend my clothes to be a reference in children's fashion, I do not dream about creating a huge brand, not even to earn a lot of money; I just work for passion and so when you have something of Labubé do not forget that you have all my love in your hands.